Single Channel ECG Test System 4.0

Please note: As of January 1, 2014,  sales of ECG related equipment (SECG, MECG, CMRR, ECG set) are being handled by Whaleteq in Taiwan. Please contact Mr. Nathan Lin for pricing and delivery schedule ( This page is retained for reference only. 


ECG related standards contain a range of "single channel" tests, such as sensitivity, frequency response, input impedance and pacemaker rejection. MEDTEQ test equipment is custom designed for the tests described in IEC 60601-2-25, IEC 60601-2-27 and IEC 60601-2-47 .

MEDTEQ's Single Channel ECG test system comprises of a USB powered Test Unit incorporating microprocessor control, precision electronics and a network of output relays, together with PC software to make testing simple as clicking a few buttons. Waveform data is continuously streamed to the test unit, accessing the full power of PC processing to create anything from a simple rectangular pulse to complex ECG waveforms with pacing spikes and exponential overshoots. A real time graphical display lets the user see the waveforms being applied during the test and compare to the results in the equipment under test.  

The latest revision 4.0 has been updated to the latest 2011 and 2012 editions of the ECG standards. All the tests described in IEC 60601-2-25 Clause 201.12.4 are covered except for those using CAL/ANE waveforms (most of these are optional, if required use the MEDTEQ MECG for this), and the CMRR test (use the MEDTEQ CMRR box for this). All tests in IEC 60601-2-27 Clause 201.12 and IEC 60601-2-47 Clause 201.12.4 are covered, except for CMRR tests again. The internal circuit is based on IEC 60601-2-25, Clause 201.106, which is now harmonized for use in IEC 60601-2-27,  IEC 60601-2-47 and the ANSI/AAMI ECG standards like EC13. Special test waveforms for ANSI/AAMI EC 13 have also been added. 

Features provided can be seen on the following screen:

Refer to the Test Equipment overview page for links to documents (e.g. operation manual, system validation, calibration form) and pricing. Reduced priced units are avalibale (3 or 5 lead outputs, without ECG breakout box).

Key specifications

  • Main output channel
    • range +/-5mV (automatically selected in software)
    • accuracy  +/-1% or +/-5uV whichever is greater
    • sample rate 5kHz (fixed)
    • DAC resolution 2.4uV
  • Supplemental channel (used for pacing, dc offset, 1V overload test)
    • accuracy +/-1% or +/-3mV  
  • Functions:
    • Periodic:
      • sine, triangle, square
      • frequency range 0.05Hz ~ 500Hz
      • frequency accuracy 0.1%
    • Pulse:
      • rectangle, triangle, adjustable pulse width from 20 ~ 300ms
      • ECG according to IEC 60601-2-27, adjustable QRS 40ms ~ 10ms, adjustable T-wave 0 ~ 2.5mV
    • pacemaker:
      • amplitude +/-2mV to +/-700mV
      • duration 0.1 to 2.0ms
      • can be added to any periodic or pulse waveform
      • single / double pulses (double pulses 150ms/250ms advanced)
      • synchronized with main function or asynchronized
      • overshoot (IEC 60601-2-27) up to 5mV, 2 - 100ms adjustable
    • Special waveforms
      • ANSI/AAMI waveforms (as referred to in IEC 60601-2-27, )
      • Selected CAL waveforms from IEC 60601-2-25
  • Precision low noise dc offset
    • 300mV (sourced from internal super capacitor for low noise)
    • series with each lead or common mode to neutral (IEC 60601-2-25 Figure 201.107, Switch posiiton C)
  • Variable dc offset
    •   +/- 1000mV
    • in parallel with main function
  • Special functions
    • 1Vpp overload test at mains frequency (50 or 60Hz selectable)
    • 100uVpp mains noise (50 or 60Hz selectable)
    • frequency sweeps 0.5Hz ~ 150Hz, 150Hz to 500Hz
    • rate sweep (3BPM ~ 30BPM)
  • Power supply
    • USB (5V up to 0.45A, high powered mode)

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