Recent Developments

In January 2017 a new website was lauched providing a modern look, better interface for test equipment and articles. The information below is retained for reference. 

In January 2014, MEDTEQ cemented a partnership with WhaleTeq in Taiwan, with the ECG range of equipment being fully transferred to Whaleteq for both ownership and regular production. MEDTEQ will continue to work with WhaleTeq for the ECG range as well as development of new products. WhaleTeq is also acting as a distributor for MEDTEQ products including re-branding for Asian market (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea). 

After many years of development, the MEDTEQ High Frequency Insulation Tester has finally reached a stable, reliable design with an output of 7.2kV peak / 100pF, and a variety of modes which ensure that all the full range of crest factors required in IEC 60601-2-2 can be obtained. Many thanks to purchasers of the various beta-versions who helped to provide feedback on the design.   

With that design now settled, the focus will turn to the development of a broadband voltmeter covering ac voltages from 10Hz to 500kHz with 0.2% intrinsic accuracy for rms measurement. The work with HFIT (insulation tester) has highlighted the difficulty in obtaining reliable measurements at high frequency, with oscilloscopes, dividers and probes all having significant errors and needing calibration adjustments at each frequency. Peak detection, crest factor, frequency measurement are also being considered.

The new meter may potentially have a wide range of applications including monitoring test voltages for HF insulation tests; HF surgical output characteristics (voltage, power), HF leakage current, SMPS working voltage measurements, broadband leakage current measurements. 

Other areas of equipment development include: 

  • a low cost, dry air gas supply for ISO 8185 testing (with flow generator, dryer, flow meter)
  • New software for ECG database handling (in conjunction with WhaleTeq) 

And the background list includes:

  • Report builder - a stalled project to develop a better enviroment to create a test report than word processors, databases or excel spreadsheets 
  • Real pressure simulator with dynamic signals (NIBP, IBP testing)
  • On-line training material for a wide range of subjects

As always, test experience working with various test agencies as well direct to as private clients continues. Readers of 601 related blogs such as Linkedin and Elsmar Cove may notice a burst of activity when test reports are (over) due.  

Peter Selvey
Manager, MEDTEQ
November, 2014