MEDTEQ Precision Pressure Software

Please choose from the following options to install MEDTEQ's software to control the Precision Pressure USB Module. The current version is, uploaded to this website on 7 August 2015.  

Option Description
Install from the internet Installs directly from the internet. Best option as installation and upgrades are easy as a single mouse click. However, this option may not work in some networks and PCs.
Zip file

Right click on the link, and download the Zip file to your PC.

Unzip the file and the run "setup.exe". Note: many systems allow installation direct from within the zip file.

If a previous version has been installed, make sure the location of the setup software is the same as previously, or uninstall the previous version prior to installing the latest version (see instructions for uninstallation below).

 Zip file (special)

This is a special version where "setup.exe" name has been modified to ""  in case the network does not allow download of zip files with .exe extensions. 

Follow the instruction above, but change "" to "setup.exe" prior to installation. 

If your network does not allow download or installation of this option, contact your system administrator for advice.


To uninstall MEDTEQ software, use: 

Control panel →  Programs  →  Uninstall a program

Sort by publisher to find MEDTEQ programs, then select the related software to uninstall.