USB Driver (common to all MEDTEQ USB Modules)

The MEDTEQ system uses USB CDC protocol (COM port emulator), which Microsoft Windows® normally already has a driver installed.

However you will need to use the following file to allow Windows to find the correct driver for the MEDTEQ device. All MEDTEQ devices use the same driver, so it should only need to be installed once. Like all USB devices, if it is moved to a different port, Windows may need to take some time to attach the device to the new port, however driver setup only needs to be performed once.

Use the following method to set up the USB driver for MEDTEQ devices:

  • Copy this file: mchpcdc.inf  to a known location
  • Plug the MEDTEQ Test Unit into an avaliable USB port
  • Select to manually identify the driver
  • direct the software to the directory containing the above file (note: as the file extension is .inf, you will not see the file itself)
  • complete the installation 
    (note: some warnings may appear for newer versions of Windows, however to date these have not caused any problems)

If there are any complications, please contact