MEDTEQ Multichannel ECG Test System

Please note: As of January 1, 2014,  sales of ECG related equipment (SECG, MECG, CMRR, ECG set) are being handled by Whaleteq in Taiwan. Please contact Mr. Nathan Lin for pricing and delivery schedule ( This page is retained for reference only. 

ECG related standards such as IEC 60601-2-47 and IEC 60601-2-51 require "multi-channel" tests where unique signals are applied to each lead electrode.  

MEDTEQ's Multi-Channel ECG test system comprises of a USB Module incorporating microprocessor control, 8 channels of precision electronics and an output network made of 0.1% resistors to ensure high accuracy. Using the network described in IEC 60601-2-51 Annex II, these 8 channels of DAC data are convertered to the full 12 lead ECG waveforms (Lead III, aVR, aVL, aVF being derived from Lead I and II). Data is continuously streamed to the test unit via USB, and the PC software includes a graphical display lets the user see the waveforms being applied during the test and compare to the results in the equipment under test.  

The waveforms from IEC 60601-2-51 Annex HH (13 CAL, 3 ANE, 100 biological ECG) are embedded in software (including noise waveforms).

A module has also been included to download and play waveforms from various databases available from Physionet website. The module has been designed to work with most Format 16 and Format 212 files, and users without any experience with the Physione website can still download waveforms directly).

Selected "single channel" periodic test waveforms such as sine and triangle waves can also be output.

Refer to the Test Equipment overview page for links to documents and pricing. See below for images from the PC software:

Key specifications:

  • Main output channels
    • ranges +/-1.25mV, +/-2.5mV or +/-5mV (automatically selected in software)
    • accuacy  +/-1% or +/-5uV whichever is greater
    • sample rate variable up to 1kHz
    • DAC resolution 0.6uV ~ 2.4uV (depending on range)
    • 8 channels (allowing up to 12 lead ECG1)
  • Built in test waveforms
    • CAL wavforms (13)
    • ANE waveforms (3)
    • Biological waveforms (100)
    • Noise waveforms (as requires by IEC 60601-2-51)
  • Physionet compatibility
    • Format 16 and 212 (without oversampling such as Format 212x4) 
    • Direct download from Physionet website (user does not need seperately work with the Physionet files)
  • Other functions
    • Sine, triangle, 100ms pulse waveforms, variable frequency up to 150Hz (sample rate 1kHz)
    • calibration mode (0.1Hz squarewave)
  • Power supply
    • USB (5V 0.2A, high powered mode)

Note: A 12 lead ECG only contains 8 unique waveforms. Lead III can be derived from Lead I and Lead II, while aVR, aVL and aVF can be derived from Leads I, Lead II and Lead III. Thus, a 12 lead ECG can be established from an 8 channel DAC system.

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